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HOBart 1996

Martin Sander invites you and us to take a seat

Martin Sander started the HOBart edition 1996. His interpretation for HOBart: It doesn’t matter whether dishwashing or cooking or cooling ... in the end every activity is reduced to the essential - eating and drinking.

In the catering trade, cafés, canteens or at home – eating and drinking are a common experiences. Martin Sander invites you and us to take a seat.
Oscar Wilde says: "What matters more in a time you only know the price of everything but not the value".

That’s why - just this year - we have one wish:
We want that our relation with you does not just include business, but also other values.

Martin Sander

Martin Sander, born in 1969, A-levels in 1989, since then freelance artist in Offenburg.

His main works are figurative oil paintings, tempera technique, indian ink - water colour and print technique.

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