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HOBart 2004

Hopes, Plans and Visions

... are rejuvenating elements and like water they feed life. They are red skies whose gloss shines in it and charm life again and again." (Regina Haag)

A very special piece of the edition.
Selected works by regional artists form the foundation of the annual HOBart edition. This year a very special work has been added. Elements taken from the design of 2004 were converted into the floor tiles of the new entrance area at the HOBART headquarter in Offenburg by the artist from Freiburg.

Regina Haag

It is not easy to portray Regina Haag as an artist. Her creative spectrum ranges from surreal oil paintings to abstract textile art and naive acrylic paintings. But also highly imaginative sculptures made of metal, wood and ceramics belong to her repertoire.

She is a member of a group of artists “Die Quelle” (the source) mastering use of forms and composition of colours in perfection. The artist, born in Freiburg in 1953 is free of artistic dogma, mirrored in her paintings, whose ease seems to inspire the observer.

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