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HOBART received CATERING STAR award for innovative drying

Offenburg – Warewashing specialist HOBART has another prize to be proud of: For the development of its innovative TOP-DRY drying, the world market leader for commercial warewashing equipment recently received the CATERING STAR 2019 by the trade journal "Cooking + Catering inside". The Offenburg-based company outshone its competitors in the 'Warewashing' category and won the Gold Award.

More than 300 readers of the trade journal voted for the most successful new products launched in the convenience, beverage, and kitchen equipment sectors, as well as services for the restaurant and communal catering trade. In each of the 23 categories, caterers and chefs give out bronze, silver and gold awards to their favourite products and services.

The new TOP-DRY drying leaves nothing to be desired
Manual drying is tedious and time-consuming – and a matter of the past thanks to HOBART’s new TOP-DRY drying feature. The new drying technology convinces with first-class results – without any manual polishing. The drying performance is unique in the commercial sector and significantly eases the workload of the dishwashing staff – in particular during peak hours. Things are often hectic in professional kitchens and in service. Plates and glasses must be quickly washed to sparkling perfection so that they can be used again immediately. However, many commercial dishwashers require subsequent manual drying and polishing. This increases stress, ties up workers and ultimately costs money. But not with TOP-DRY drying: Once the washing process is complete, the humid air is converted using a hydro-thermal energy storage system, and re-introduced into the wash chamber as hot drying air. This prevents moisture from depositing on the wash ware. Another benefit is the improved room climate, as this generates less humidity.

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