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HOBART was awarded the Kompetenzpreis Baden-Württemberg

In a strict multi-stage selection process, the innovative specialist for commercial dishwashers proved itself superior and came in first in this year's competition.

"Baden-Württemberg in Germany has always been considered the home of smart inventors and innovative engineers. It is a very great honour for HOBART to be selected "best of the best" in 2017. This particular award makes us really very proud." With these introductory words, Managing Director Axel Beck thanked the jury and the sponsors of the "Kompetenzpreis Baden-Württemberg".

For the tenth time, the initiators of this competition, the consultants TQU GROUP and the trade show company P. E. Schall GmbH & Co. KG, award companies and entrepreneurs for their social commitment, entrepreneurial foresight, innovation, and sustainability.

The jurors based their decision primarily on HOBART's straight-line, long-term innovation strategy. In the frame of this strategy, HOBART employees systematically determine the need for innovative solutions directly at the customers in a well-structured, benefit-oriented manner. The practical implementation is subject to a transparent and orderly innovation and quality process. Here, the focus is likewise on the customers' benefits, for example in terms of labour hours, long-term operating costs and resource consumption. In the course of their extensive research, the jurors not only came to HOBART's to see the research and development department and the manufacturing but also looked into the competitors and their product portfolios. HOBART was able to convince the jurors of the consistent pursuit of the HOBART vision "wash without water", a target which all employees firmly believe in. Thus, the jury found that HOBART truly was an innovation generator and a worthy winner of the "Kompetenzpreis Baden-Württemberg". The award ceremony was taking place in Stuttgart on 9th May.

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