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INTERNORGA 2019: The new TOP-DRY drying leaves nothing to be desired

  •  Live presentation of the new glasswashers and dish washers
  • Smart washing: Use the WASHSMART app to call the machine status up at any time
  • Intelligent network: The new partner portal for authorised representatives is now online


Offenburg – Manual drying is tedious and time-consuming – and a matter of the past thanks to HOBART’s new TOP-DRY drying function. At the INTERNORGA, the leading trade show for the catering trade from 15 to 19 March, the world market leader for commercial warewashing presents its innovative undercounter dishwasher with the innovative TOP-DRY drying technology. Unique in the commercial sector, this functionality ensures that dishes and glasses are ready for re-use immediately after washing, without any additional drying or polishing. This saves the staff a lot of time and effort, in particular during the peak hours.

Using hydro-thermal energy storage, the TOP-DRY technology converts the moist air to hot drying air after the end of rinsing and returns it to the washing chamber. Thus, the moisture can no longer deposit on the wash ware. The HOBART glasswashers and dishwashers provide another three innovative highlights for clean, ecological and smart warewashing. The machine feature VAPOSTOP² prevents steam from escaping not only during the washing and drying process but also when the dishwasher door is opened. This avoids discomfort for the guests sitting close to the bar and negative effects on the room climate. Besides, the new machines are particularly silent which makes them ideal for use at the bar counter.

The VISIOTRONIC-TOUCH features a colour touch display as well as the time-proven single-button operation, which is another essential selling point. Since time pressure and stress are often part of everyday work in the catering trade, it is essential that the dishwasher eases the workload of the staff as much as possible: High operator comfort is required to avoid faulty operation and to keep the time needed for instruction as short as possible.

At the push of a button, the HOBART WASHSMART app gives comprehensive information on the status of the new glasswashers and dishwashers. The end customer is for example informed well in advance of pending maintenance dates and can see the system information or chemicals consumption. With the help of this data, the user can avoid standstill, re-order consumables directly via the app, or give the service technician some advance information before an on-site call. With the help of the troubleshooting guide comprised in the HOBART app, users can remedy minor faults themselves. If the problem cannot be rectified, the user can contact the factory customer service or a qualified service partner directly via the HOBART app.

Smart partner portal: Next milestone on the way to digital dishwashing
Specialised dealers can now use a new partner portal which offers a variety of helpful functions. Subject to the end customer’s consent, HOBART dealers can link with the customer’s dishwashers using the online platform. This means that the dealer connects to the end customer’s machines via the Internet, allowing the dealer for example to identify faults before a repair becomes necessary. Furthermore, the HOBART partners receive an overview of the machine status, information on the current settings and the hygiene protocol, and an overview of the service and consumables orders.

The new C-Line – economical and uncompromisingly clean
HOBART customers benefit in multiple ways from the further development of the HOBART rack-type dishwashers, such as enhanced efficiency and economy, easier handling, and improved drying. Other advantages are the automatic self-cleaning programme and the innovative RACK-FLOW sensor system, which doubles the rack volume the machine can yield in continuous one-man operation. Besides being extremely reliable and providing perfect washing results, the new dishwashers are also intelligent. The smart machines detect for example empty sections or different types of wash ware and automatically adjust to the varying conditions. This saves operating costs and valuable resources.

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