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"MEETING POINT FUTURE 2019" At the specialist planners event, HOBART looks at tomorrow's kitchen

Manfred Kohler, Vice President Sales and Manufacturing of HOBART GmbH welcomed the international kitchen planners and specialist trade partners.

Extensive factory tours at the HOBART innovation and production site completed the program.

One highlight was the presentation of the new innovative TWO-LEVEL-WASHER.

Offenburg – What will be the commercial kitchen of the future? What trends can be observed in the field of warewashing? What will be the next step to reach the goal of "Washing without water"? The answers to these questions were given by the warewashing specialist HOBART at its event "MEETING POINT FUTURE 2019 which took place last weekend. Around 200 kitchen planners and specialist trade partners from Germany, other European countries, the Middle and Far East and from Australia had come to Offenburg to be inspired by innovative concepts and solutions for commercial kitchens.

By means of motivational speeches and practice-oriented trainings, the two-day special-field convention approached topics such as Connected BIM, automation 4.0, and the future of warewashing. "To be optimally prepared for the economic, technical and also digital challenges, it is important to continuously deal with future issues. And this is our claim: Looking ahead, looking beyond our own nose, being a visionary," said HOBART Group President Global Warewash Axel Beck when welcoming the international guests. While the digitalisation would increasingly change planning and business models, humans and robots would successively work hand in hand in the kitchen, Beck predicted. Extensive factory tours at the HOBART innovation and production site were likewise a part of the agenda and provided interesting insights of the state-of-the-art manufacturing of the Offenburg warewashing specialist.

At the same time, topics such as networking and artificial intelligence formed an important focus of the event and were symbolised in a small exhibition in the Oberrheinhalle. HOBART also presented its WASHSMART app. With this app, extensive information on the status of the HOBART undercounter or hood-type dishwasher can be retrieved at the push of a button.

Among other features, the app informs the end customer well in advance of due maintenance dates, or chemical consumption and displays any system messages. With the help of this data, the user can avoid standstill, re-order consumables directly via the app, or give the service technician some advance information before an on-site call. With the help of the troubleshooting guide comprised in the HOBART app, users can remedy minor faults themselves. If the problem still cannot be solved, the customer contacts the customer service or a qualified service partner directly via the HOBART app.

A world-first: HOBART introduces the new TWO-LEVEL-WASHER

In addition to innovative concept studies and fresh ideas for the future, the new TWO-LEVEL-WASHER was launched during the event "MEETING POINT FUTURE 2019". "This is a super-innovative dishwasher like none other on the market before it – truly a world-first", says Manfred Kohler, Vice President Sales and Manufacturing of HOBART GmbH. Thanks to its second wash chamber, the dishwasher has twice the capacity per wash cycle. "Dishes can be washed on the second level simultaneously. With its compact design, the machine still does not take up more space in the scullery than a conventional dishwasher – this is a great benefit," Kohler says.

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