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New undercounter models available now

  • No fewer than four new innovative highlights make everyday dishwashing considerably easier
  • Completely connected: The WASHSMART app provides all important operating and hygiene data at a glance and provides text and images to assist with the washing process

Offenburg – The wait is over: After the world market leader HOBART presented its new undercounter models with the slogan "WORK SMART, NOT HARD" at major international trade fairs this spring, the machine generation 2018 is now available for sale. With no fewer than four new innovative highlights, the enhanced glass and dishwashers ensure a speckless, ecological and smart daily dishwashing routine.

TOP-DRY drying - For the best drying result

Drying wet wash ware is laborious and time consuming: HOBART TOP-DRY drying provides first-rate drying results. Once the washing process is complete, the humid air is converted using a hydro-thermal energy storage system and then re-introduced into the wash chamber as hot drying air. This prevents moisture from depositing on the wash ware, and tableware and glasses no longer need to be dried and polished by hand. Another benefit is the improved room climate, as this generates less humidity. At peak times, when the dishes are needed faster than usual, the drying process can be interrupted at any time.

VAPOSTOP² - Puts and end to clouds of steam

We all know the feeling of opening a dishwasher right after it has finished, and being hit in the face with a cloud of steam. Those days are over: The innovative VAPOSTOP² uses a ventilation system to extract the hot 60 °C waste steam from the inside of the machine, thereby preventing the steam from escaping. A total of 90 % less steam escapes into the room. Thus, removing the wash ware is much nicer for personnel and guests at the bar are not bothered by any escaping steam.

HOBART WASHSMART app - Everything at a glance

The HOBART WASHSMART app allows you to call up comprehensive information on the status of the new glass and dishwashers. Among other features, the app informs the end customer well in advance of due maintenance dates, or chemical consumption and displays any system messages. Based on this data the user can avoid standstill, re-order consumables directly via the app, and provide first information to the service technician in advance. Meanwhile, the user can resort to the troubleshooting advice in the app to remedy minor malfunctions themselves. If the problem still cannot be solved, the customer can contact the HOBART customer service or a qualified service partner directly via the app.

VISIOTRONIC-TOUCH control - for easy handling

The new VISIOTRONIC-TOUCH control considerably simplifies the handling of your dishwasher and its' display visualises all important information using both text and symbols. As a result, programmes can be easily selected and settings adjusted.

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