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The new dimension – HOBART presents the new rack-type dishwasher

HOBART presents the next generation of the CP/CN series. Whether in PREMAX or PROFI version, the new rack-type dishwasher offers new technology dimensions with convincing solutions for more efficiency, economy, easier handling and even better drying results. The models will be available from October 2017.

Driving progress, retaining well-proven features. Under this motto, HOBART keeps improving its warewashing solutions, setting standards all over the world. The latest development, the innovative rack-type dishwashers of the CP/CN series, boasts three significant improvements. Reason enough for HOBART, the global market leader, to proclaim the improved machines a new dimension of commercial warewashing. 

Innovation number 1: RACK-FLOW SENSOR SYSTEM

In practice, it often is the case that one worker only is assigned to operate the typical rack-type dishwasher. This means that this operator has to walk constantly to and fro because the front rack will trigger the mechanical limit switch once it reaches the end of the unloading table. After just a few racks filled with dirty dishes, the operator needs to wash his or her hands and go from the intake to the end of the machine to unload the clean wash ware. This work needs to be completed before the other racks remaining in the dishwasher can be washed. The patented RACK-FLOW sensor system puts an end to this time-consuming walking up and down. Intelligent control technology allows for loading the machine over its entire length and using it without tedious interruptions. Optimised processes ensure that up to double the number of racks can be washed in one cycle ‒ for more efficiency and faster warewashing.

Innovation number 2: INFOTRONIC CONTROL

Everything at a glance with the comfortable compact display and clearly structured user interface of the INFOTRONIC control by HOBART: operating mode, operating status, temperatures etc. Furthermore, key information such as the water and power consumption can be called up directly via the intuitive customer menu, ensuring compliance with the DIN regulations regarding documentation of the maintenance history. The INFOTRONIC control also simplifies the flexible programming of the autostart programme and allows for data download via the USB port.

Innovation number 3: DYNAMIC-DRY DRYING

The DYNAMIC-DRY drying function employs sophisticated state-of-the-art fan technology in the shape of a special inflow nozzle. It provides for higher dynamic air speeds and thus increases the efficiency by 50 %. You'll see the result immediately in your wash ware: even deep indentations, recesses or hollow bodies will be completely dry with the new drying technology. At the same time, the DYNAMIC-DRY drying is particularly energy-efficient and consumes less energy than conventional systems. The drying result is considerably optimised while energy is saved in the drying zone.

Time-proven basic equipment with a wide range of unique features

For example the patented, innovative AUTO-CLEAN self-cleaning system which makes machine cleaning significantly easier. This benefit is due to the intelligent arrangement of the cleaning nozzles. It allows for automated interior and heat recovery cleaning thanks to the AUTO-CLEAN self-cleaning system. This saves not only your time but also your money.  

In the past, the HOBART rack-type dishwashers have received a number of globally renowned awards for their numerous technical features which ensure their uncomplicated, reliable use in a daily work environment, as well as for their economy and ecology. Those are for example the CLIMATE energy saving system for reduction of energy and operating costs, the CLIMATE-PRO energy saving system, which can save up to 22 kW/h, and the PERMANENT-CLEAN automatic soil removal. This tool prevents the entry of dirt in the wash tank by pumping coarse soil from the pre-wash zone into a strainer drawer by means of a sophisticated filter system. These ecological, resource-saving systems keep the operating costs low over the long run while ensuring premium wash results.

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