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Proven HOBART concept for added sustainability: Efficient washing of returnable cups and bottles

Offenburg – Washing returnable cups and bottles involves particular challenges – nothing new for HOBART: For years, the warewashing expert has been supplying customers in the event industry with equipment for washing plastic cups at concerts or sports events. The customers use HOBART equipment for perfect washing and drying results. This is mandatory since the cups must be absolutely dry for stacking and storing to prevent any mould formation from residual moisture.

Hospitality and hotel industry increasingly go for sustainability
Nowadays, sustainability and ecology are in the focus of public discussion and omnipresent also in the hospitality and hotel industry. Thus, disposable drinks containers are more and more often replaced by returnable cups. With the PREMAX undercounter dishwashers GP/FP and their unique TOP-DRY drying with the matching rack, HOBART has the perfect solution for the catering trade. Using a hydro-thermal energy storage system, the integrated TOP-DRY drying converts the humid air once the washing process is complete and re-introduces it into the wash chamber as hot drying air. This prevents the moisture from precipitating on the returnable cups and ensures that they can be stacked immediately after washing without any risk of mould formation.

The wash result is what counts with refill bottles. The water jet must reach every point inside the bottles, which is difficult given their different shapes and high neck of some bottle types. Thanks to their individual wash system, dishwasher models such as the HOBART GX/FX not only provide the desired hygienic result but also optimum flexibility. Using the same machine, customers can wash their regular dishes and then – simply by changing the wash system – their bottles.

With proven know-how about warewashing and drying and their extended product portfolio, HOBART support the trend to added sustainability and ecology. The HOBART warewashing solutions are on show at the international hospitality trade fairs INTERGASTRA at Stuttgart (15.02. to 19.02.2020 / hall 5, booth 5B11) and INTERNORGA at Hamburg (13. to 17.03.2020 / hall A4, booth 209).

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