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AMXXL-TKR - Bottle washer

  • Exhaust energy storage - the fully enclosed 4-sided hood keeps steam and energy inside the system: energy saving up to 3 kW, less humidity in the room and better hygienic conditions
  • ROTOR-X wash system - separate rotating upper & lower 4-spoke wash arms deliver dynamic wash power
  • VISIOTRONIC-TOUCH control - colour touchscreen (displays text and graphic) in conjunction with single-button control and remaining cycle time indication
  • Ergonomic handling with supply and unloading tables next to the system
  • Easy machine start - the machine starts automatically when the hood is closed
  • Made in Germany
  • Optional drain water and exhaust heat recovery systems additionally reduce the operating costs
  • Intelligent energy management - the available energy is used continuously. Thus, at a low total loading value the heating time gets reduced
  • Water bottle filling system for optimum filling of the bottles immediately after cleaning
  • Manual, semi-automatic or automatic uncapping unit can be installed before the cleaning system
  • Hood-type machine for straight through or corner operation
  • Fully insulated machine
  • Heat and noise insulated hood
  • USB-interface for comfortable download of operational data
  • Blocked filter sensor
  • Special hygiene programme to remove dirt deposits and limescale deposits
  • Completely equipped with: fill / drain hose, electrical cable, detergent dispenser, rinse aid dispenser, rinse pump, drain pump, back-flow preventer

Technical data

Contamination Salvia, proteins
Outside dimensions (W x D x H) (with closed hood) 735 x 815 x 1610 mm
Loading height 540 mm
Rack size 500 x 500 | 600 x 500 mm
Wash and rinse temperature 60 - 85 °C
Cycle times* Depending on specification
Throughput Depending on specification
Wash ware Water bottles, water bottles accessories

*Thermostop guarantees required temperatures with cold water, the actual cycle times extend accordingly. For corner operation we recommend to make the right side of the machine accessible for service. For machine protection the water hardness should not exceed 3°dH, if higher we recommend using a HOBART HYDROLINE water treatment system.

  • Osmosis system
    Minerals and salts are removed from the water to provide stainless cleaning results.                       
  • Uncapping unit
    To uncap the water bottles, a manual, semi-automatic or automatic uncapping unit can be installed before the cleaning system.
  • Water bottle filling device
    The swivelling filling rake permits 18 or 36 water bottles to be filled simultaneously after cleaning. When it is not used, it can be turned towards the splash protection wall to save space.
  • Drain heat recovery
    The drain heat recovery system permits the energy, that is stored in the form of heat in the waste water, to be fed back into the cleaning system. It is thus not lost.
  • Exhaust heat recovery
    The fresh water is heated with the energy from the waste steam, thus reducing the energy required for reaching the rinse temperature by up to 7.8 kWh.
  • Automatic hoodlift
    The hoodlift automatically opens the hood at the end of the programme. When the button is pressed, the hood is closed to start the machine. It offers highest comfort for the operators.
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