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FTNi-TKR - Cage treatment

  • PERMANENT-CLEAN automatic soil removal
    • Highly effective filtration in the pre-wash zone with automatic and continuous soil removal
    • Constant good quality of wash water leads to perfect wash results and reduction of chemical consumption
  • CONTACT-PLUS wash system
    • More active water contact to wash ware due to 5 top and 4 bottom wash arms
    • Optimises wash result
    • Wide angle nozzles with 65 % wider spray angle leads to more efficient water distribution
  • The modular system permits individual adjustment to the necessary project requirements
  • PROTRONIC XL control
    • Innovative, intuitive control with touchscreen with clear text and symbols
    • Intuitive user interface
    • All important information and functions at a glance
  • DOKUTRONIC (optional) – automatic and continuous documentation of all critical parameters
  • Made in Germany
  • Convenient cleaning and maintenance of the system due to high accessibility, mechanically coded wash and rinse arms and curtains
  • AUTO-CLEAN self-cleaning system
    • Dedicated cleaning nozzles ensure thorough cleaning of the machine interior
  • AK-KAB-certified

With the tunnel washer FTNi-TKR, HOBART re-defined the state of the art for cage cleaning. Future-oriented technology is combined with excellent design and high environmental compatibility. With its significantly reduced energy and detergent consumption, the tunnel washer meets all the requirements of a cleaning and decontamination process tested pursuant to AK-KAB.

  • Heat and sound insulated machine
  • Completely made from stainless steel CrNi 1.4301
  • Heating optionally with electricity, hot water or steam

Technical data

Tunnel height 440 mm
Throughput Depending on specification (> 100 cages type II/h)
Wash and rinse temperature 60 - 85 °C
Wash ware Cages, lids, wire grids, water bottles
Contamination Bedding, excrements, salvia, proteins
Drying result Up to level 1 to AK-KAB
Cleanliness requirements / decontamination performance Reduction by at least 5log levels
Tunnel width 612 - 760 mm
  • Osmosis system
    Minerals and salts are removed from the water to provide stainless cleaning results

  • Automation
    Depending on the requirements, individually adjusted automation solutions can be configured and offered

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