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Comfort, Drying Result, Support, Reliable Documentation

The intelligent PROTRONIC control offers you the highest level of innovative comfort while facilitating documentation and supervision. Moreover we cannot only clean, but also dry. Our innovative machines achieve top results even in case of wash ware with accumulated moisture recesses. Furthermore our innovative machines simplify your daily work and relieve you of time consuming work steps.


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Pumped rinse

Increases the self-drying effect

Improved drying result paired with a reduced use of energy:

Temperature is a key component for a perfect drying result. This is why the patented pumped rinse circulates the additionally heated water several times, thus heating the wash ware even more and consequently increasing the self-drying effect.

YOUR BENEFITS: the drying result is considerably optimised, while energy is saved in the drying zone.

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3DRY drying system

Whether cups, bowls or glasses - the 3DRY drying system achieves a faultless drying result, even for hollow-bodied wash ware.

FOR COMPARISON: a conventional drying system blows the hot air onto the wash ware from above. As a result, the air is distributed in an uncontrolled manner. The 3DRY drying system does not only direct air onto the wash ware from above in a well-aimed manner, but also from the side and from the bottom.

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Blow-drying unit

To reduce residual moisture

Optimum drying result – without residual moisture: Most utensils have hollows where moisture tends to accumulate. This is an effect that is counteracted by the HOBART blow-out zone. Air blades blow moisture and dripping water from the hollows.

YOUR BENEFIT: with the blow-out zone, we reduce the residual moisture on containers, racks or boxes and thus achieve an ideal drying result.

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High performance drying DS

For even more powerful drying

High performance drying DS generates an increased air velocity at a high air volume. Moisture is thus better removed from the wash ware and better absorbed by the drying air. Depending on the desired residual moisture, a combination of blow-out zone and drying optimises the result when a high throughput of plastic containers and boxes is on hand.

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Extensive cleaning assistant

Guaranteed orientation for cleaning

Colour-coded cleaning assistant: Machine cleaning made easy: daily cleaning of your machine increases the performance and service life of your dishwashing system. To assist you in recognising which elements need to be removed for cleaning, these are provided with a blue marking. The colour-coded cleaning assistant is available for the PREMAX FTPi, PROFI FTNi, FUX-C and FUX models. 

Colour-coded curtains: the curtains separating the different wash zones are also clearly marked, preventing them from being mixed up when they are re-inserted.

Colour-coded wash and rinse arms: the clear identification of the wash and rinse arms prevents them from being mixed up when they are inserted.

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The self-explanatory operating concept

Innovative operating convenience at the highest level: we have developed the PROTRONIC XL control to make operating your dishwashing system as fast and as easy as possible. In future, not only operation will be made a lot easier, but also documentation and controlling.

The self-explanatory user interface assists the operator in quickly finding his away around the clearly laid out touch screen. All key hygiene-related information and functions become visible at a glance. Depending on their authorisation level, different user groups can see different information.

Some additional innovative functions turn the PROTRONIC XL into a unique product

  • Visualisation of temperatures and error messages for the exact zone.
  • Automatic keeping of the maintenance history according to DIN.
  • Convenient data storage in the control.
  • A message management system is included.
  • Visualisation of the operating manual.
  • Training video can be watched directly.

NOTE: the convenient PROTRONIC XL control is a standard feature of the PREMAX FTPi and an optional extra for the PROFI FTNi and FUX machines.

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Intuitive handling by means of a single button

Switching on, washing and switching off: The SMARTRONIC control combines the most important functions in one button. In addition, the start button indicates all operating states in clearly understandable colours – heating, washing, ready. If needed, further details can be accessed by means of a further click.

YOUR BENEFIT: operating errors and any related failures are virtually eliminated.

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Drop-in wash system

Facilitates cleaning

Make cleaning the machine as easy as possible for yourself: Thanks to the easy removal and reliable insertion of the wash systems by means of a drawer slide, cleaning work is turned into child's play.

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AUTO-CLEAN self cleaning system

Cleaning your dishwashing system has never been so uncomplicated and easy

Hygiene is the key factor when handling glasses, cutlery and dishes. For this reason, thorough cleaning of the dishwasher at regular intervals is indispensable. The patented AUTO-CLEAN self-cleaning system takes care of this time-consuming step on behalf of you. 

The sophisticated arrangement of the dedicated cleaning nozzles ensures automatic cleaning of the machine interior and the heat recovery system.

NOTE: The AUTO-CLEAN self-cleaning system is installed as standard in the PREMAX FTPi and is available as an option for the PROFI FTNi and FUX.

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Completely moulded tank

Prevents soil accumulation

Soil does not stand a chance to accumulate: the design of tank sump and tank bottom does not offer soil any chance of depositing.

FOR YOU THIS MEANS: Ideal conditions make for easy cleaning and lastingly sound hygiene conditions. 

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Cleaning made easy

One single action is all it takes: Simply removing the front cover provides ideal access for hosing down the condenser.

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Hinged entry section

Simply open the flap and get going: Cumbersome handling to remove the machine cover is a thing of the past.

THINGS MADE EASY BY OUR HINGED ENTRY SECTION: Most food waste collects in the machine's entry section. The folding entry section cover allows the machine to be accessed quickly and makes for straightforward cleaning.

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Cleaning assistance

Our cleaning assistance is a great aid when cleaning your machine

Additional cleaning nozzles in the wash systems continuously clean the back of the door and wash system as well as the machine cover during operation.

YOUR BENEFIT: This minimises soil accumulations on the inside of the machine, markedly reducing the effort needed to clean the machine at the end of the dishwashing shift. 

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Filter drawer in the entry section

Fast cleaning without having to interrupt the washing operation: The strainer drawer can be easily removed so that accumulated soil can be emptied quickly and effortlessly – even while the machine continues to wash.

BY THE WAY: The large collection volume and a high rim prevent the soil from spilling over. The strainer drawer can optionally be integrated at the face or front of the machine entry section.

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Moulded drain element

Soil is directed via beads to a central point and into the drain. This prevents soil accumulation in the tank.

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Makes drying the dishes easy!

Do you usually take a dish towel to re-dry cups, dishes or containers? Put a stop to this extra work - and to dishes that leave the machine still wet.

Our DYNAMIC-DRY drying employs sophisticated state-of-the-art fan technology. It provides for higher air speeds and thus increased efficiency. You’ll see the result immediately in your wash ware: even deep indentations, recesses or hollow bodies will be completely dry. At the same time, the DYNAMIC-DRY fan is particularly energy-efficient and consumes less energy than conventional systems.

YOUR BENEFIT: You get an optimum drying result and save the time for manual re-drying.

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Added comfort and perfect overview at one glance

Compact and operator-friendly: The display of the INFOTRONIC control offers a clearly structured user interface. All key information on operating modes, status and temperatures are shown clearly and concisely.

Additional functions with intuitive access via the customer menu

For example:

  • the documentation of the maintenance history compliant to DIN,
  • the indication of the water and power consumption,
  • the flexible programming of the autostart programme
  • and the optional data download via the USB port.
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Quickly ready for cleaning

Our patented wash arm sliders allow you to clean the interior of the wash arms easily and comfortably. While conventional systems required you to unscrew the end caps of the wash arms first, now a single step is sufficient to get to the wash arm opening.

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