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  • Protects machine against limescale - extends maintenance intervals and service life
  • Economic low cost version
  • Integrated blending system in control head for adjustment to local water hardness
  • Sturdy control head
  • Optimises the effectiveness of detergents
  • Automatic regeneration of water softening system
  • Programmable regeneration times
  • Operates with cold or warm water up to 50°C
  • Compact dimensions, including rollers for flexible installation
  • Quality ion exchangers reduce the water hardness by substituting calcium and magnesium ions contained in the water with sodium ions
  • The water filter system consists of a corrosion-proof pressure vessel containing the filter material
  • Depending on the water pressure on-site, filtration reduces the pressure to downstream machines by a minimum of 0.5 bar
  • Vessel made of plastic


Order number Description

Economy single cartridge softener with integrated time control

Technical data

Weight (gross / net) 14 / 12 kg
Capacity salt container 10 kg
Regeneration time 11 min
Salt consumption per regeneration 0.27 kg
Supply capacity continuously 3 - 20 l/min
Supply capacity maximum 20 l/min
Maximum hardness 30 °dH

*The water treatment system must be connected to the drinking water supply system by means of a backflow preventer conforming to EN61770 (see „Optional Equipment“). Depending on local water quality, it might be advisable to install an upstream fine filter. Installation might require additional armoured hoses (see „Optional Equipment“). An overflow hose for the tank can be installed on-site.


Order number Description

1,500 mm, 3/4", DN15, reinforced with stainless steel for basic installation


Comprehensive Installation Kit
for machine connection, including

  • hose 3/4“, 1.500 mm
  • cut-off valve
  • manometer
  • non-return valve

additional to IS2 for regulation of water hardness of outcoming water

  • hose 3/4“, 1,500 mm
  • regulation valve

Non-return valve for fresh-water connection
class HD according DIN EN 1717