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Vacuum waste treatment BiVaTec


The BiVaTec vacuum waste treatment disposes of organic wastes of all kinds, such as food residues, expired foods, production wastes, grease and deposits from grease separators from high-volume hotels, hospitals, and cafeteria catering as well as central markets, and in food manufacturing and processing.

Vacuum waste treatment BiVaTec

BiVaTec disposes of food waste directly at its point of origin – in the production or preparation room or in the scullery. This eliminates the need for tedious gathering and transporting the wet garbage to special waste collection areas, and for cleaning the storage and transport containers. 

Thanks to the completely enclosed design, foul smells are a thing of the past. It is no longer necessary to store food residues in cold-storage rooms to reduce smells. BiVaTec guarantees maximum hygiene, a reduction of work load and personnel costs, and is an extremely ecological way of disposing of food waste.


  • Perfectly hygienic disposal
  • No connection to the sewerage system
  • Direct disposal via tank lorry
  • Enclosed system without foul smells or germ transfer
  • No waste cooling is required
  • Small footprint
  • Reliable, robust technology
  • Fully automated
  • Up to 80 % volume reduction
  • Reduction of labour and disposal costs


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