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HOBart 2006

The fusion of human intelligence and H2O

Man and water.
What would an intelligent person do when meeting water? ... Drink it? Have a bath? Idolize it? Understand? Yes, maybe.

We amalgamate three times:

  1. Internally (we consist in 70% water)
  2. Externally (we use water for cleaning)
  3. Unbelievable dimension (we summon up power from water)

We use the power of the centre. Centre of intelligence. Centre of Creation. Centre of genesis. Centre of vision.

Maybe soon, dishwashers will speak or run through the kitchen kindly offering their service. Are we gods and do we create images in the form of giomanic living-like kitchen helpers?

Does creative thinking lead to endless possibilities, endless innovations? YES, it does.

Alina Brunner

Artist, philosopher, future-thinking person

* 1966 COTTBUS, lives in the area of the Ortenau, she has been working on the “world formula“ since 2004, at the age of 11 she understood the revolutionary character of art – wanted to become an artist. GDR scholarship for highly gifted persons until 1987.

After the opening of the Berlin Wall: Political science at the Technical University of West Berlin ... and only then arts at the University of Arts and Design in Halle, Burg Giebichenstein and the University of the Fine Arts in Berlin.


  • Social analysis and theory »End of Dualism«
  • Essay on »The idea of arts of the new age and principle of life«
  • Series of lectures on »Modern art and Perception«.


  • Preface for »The Art of Success« G+F Publishers, Forbach


  • Lectures »Arts as Avant-garde of Economy«
  • Presentation of the topic: »From the Love parade to the Potsdam Nights of the castles
  • culture an economic factor in Berlin-Brandenburg« during the Days of German Founders and Entrepreneurs (deGUT) in Berlin


  •  »Live Pictures« – Daimer Chrysler AG management conference (emotional–spiritual translation of the main basic principal)
  • Awarded for her painting »Vision Deutschland« (Vision Germany) by Knorr-Bremse AG, Berlin
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