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Cleaning in laboratory and pharmaceutical industry

Cleanliness is a major concern in the pharmaceutical industry. Cleaning transport containers and production vessels thoroughly and keeping them clean is compulsory. Recesses, ribs and scooping points make cleaning and drying the moulds and containers difficult. The HOBART hood-type dishwashers and flight-type wash systems offer a suitable solution for each requirement.

For many years, HOBART dishwashers for laboratories and pharmaceutical applications have been used in processing and grey room sections as well as in clean room areas.

The solution to your demand - the HOBART FUX wash system

The HOBART FUX wash system ensures reliable cleaning of your containers in the laboratory and pharmaceutical industry. The FUX wash system is the ideal solution for cleaning your vessels in large quantities. Exact coordinated washing and rinsing processes provide for defined cleaning qualities, allowing specific particle classes to be obtained. Due to the high-performance drying and blowing system, the wash ware is almost dry when it leaves the system, and can be used immediately afterwards. The modular system of the FUX wash system permits an individual response to the requirements and throughput figures of its users. Many years of research and development have lowered energy and medium consumption to a minimum. Likewise, your operating costs are reduced to a minimum. We are pleased to integrate the system into your production flow, to connect it to your conveyor system and to adapt it to your building requirements.


Fields of application

  • Production in the pharmaceutical industry (grey section to clean room)
  • Production in cosmetics industry and pharmaceutical industry

Wash ware

  • Transport containers
  • Funnel
  • Trays
  • Containers
  • Drums


  • Particles
  • Storage dust


We would readily advise you on the selection of the cleaning system that is best suited for your specific application. Please do not hesitate to contact us without any obligation!

Christian Lutz
Business Unit Manager Industrial Application Sales
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Mario Nemes
Sales Support Industrial Application Sales
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