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HOBART ServicePoint

Get connected!

Discover the new digital learning platform of HOBART!

Find out the benefits of this unique and machine-specific platform.

Scan the QR code on your machine now and explore!

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Quick and easy

Just scan the QR code on your machine and obtain exclusive access to machine-specific content, such as important documents or video tutorials.

In your SERVICEPOINT you can access the full knowledge base for your machine in one compact application. Many more benefits await you:

  • Quick and easy access to general as well as specific information on how to deal with problems presented in easy-to-understand short videos
  • 24/7 availability
  • Browser-based use - no app download necessary
  • Permanently free of charge
  • Available in 7 languages

Any questions & queries?

Machine information

You can directly access your individual knowledge platform via the QR code on your machine. Right at the start you will see the scanned machine and its type designation.

Based on your serial number, you will only see content that is useful for your machine. This ensures that you will only access solutions that match your specific requirements.

Learn more about the functions of the machine, current promotions and find general tips about handling your device - all on a single platform!


Machine preparation

Our learning platform is subdivided into different categories. There you will find videos and important documents for your machine.

The first category concerns the proper preparation of your machine before and after a long day of dishwashing.

By properly preparing your machine, you can avoid errors and can use your machine more efficiently.

Here you will find a short overview of an ideal daily routine.

Programme selection

In addition to other factors, the selection of the correct dishwashing programme is essential. The SERVICEPOINT will assist you in finding the most suitable programme for your dishes that need to be washed:

  • Short cycle
  • Standard cycle
  • Intensive cycle

Cleaning the machine

This is a video for your device illustrating the proper way to remove and clean machine parts. By regularly cleaning the parts shown, you can extend the service life of your machine.

  • Things to observe when removing the parts
  • Which parts can you clean yourself?
  • How do you reinstall them after cleaning?

Error messages

On the digital learning platform you will find step-by-step video instructions for the most important error messages. The videos include a detailed illustration of the error messages and of the appropriate do-it-yourself solution.

Operation help

You will also find a digital version of your operation manual. You can easily download it as a PDF file and view it in your standard software.

In addition to the comprehensive operation manual, you can also access illustrated instructions in a comics card format.


Our SERVICEPOINT offers content in 7 languages. The texts and videos will be automatically displayed in your chosen language.

Scan the QR code on your machine now to discover its numerous features!

Any questions & queries?

Just contact us with the contact form below or send us an email at servicepoint(at)

We look forward hearing your feedback and are always at your service.

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