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School & university cafeteria

Good food – at a fair price

You offer an area where famished students can eat lots of food for a fair price. So that – despite the huge crowds – you can save yourself some work, we offer innovative and reliable technology. And your budget will be spared, too.

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It's the end of the lesson, and the students rush to the cafeteria. These are the busiest times in the scullery. Now the warewashing technology is put to the test in terms of power, efficiency, and economy. No problem for the HOBART machines!

Trust the Best!

Rely on HOBART competence!

  • Best wash result
  • Highest economy
  • Best reliability
  • Easy handling
Topseller Warewashing


500 portions of vegetable bake in one hour. An easy job for the state-of-the-art cookers by HOBART. At the push of a button, they produce uniform meals with constantly solid cooking and browning results.

Trust the Best!

Rely on HOBART competence!

  • Simple handling
  • Best reliability
  • High economy
  • Quick cleaning
Topseller Cooking

Food preparation

Today's pudding is chocolate ice cream with whipped cream for everybody. Definitely too much of a challenge for one person with a whisk! But an easy job for the HOBART air whip: In no more than 6 minutes, it turns 5 litres of heavy cream into 18 litres of whipped cream.

Trust the Best!

Rely on HOBART competence!

  • Efficient
  • Robust
  • Reliable
Topseller Food Preparation

Waste technology

Efficient waste management means reducing the waste volume in a matter of minutes, while guaranteeing maximum safety. Not a big deal for ECOLO & Co by HOBART. Furthermore, these units are characterised by their minimal energy and water consumption.

Trust the Best!

Rely on HOBART competence!

  • Hygiene
  • Easy
  • Economic