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Global Marine

A well-oiled team

On your ship, you promise your guests pure enjoyment and a boatload of unforgettable impressions. Of course, you'll keep this promise. With a perfectly coordinated team working behind the scenes. Every crew member has to bring top performance – for the kitchen staff, this also includes the HOBART technology.

Last but not least, a HOBART service technician will take care of the maintenance – regardless of where you decide to drop anchor.

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HOBART Global Marine

WE are an experienced, global team of galley equipment experts in sales, technology and service.

KNOW how to get it right for food equipment onboard, that is why 4 out of 5 vessels today rely on HOBART warewash equipment and solutions.

HOW to find the best solution by application and providing solid equipment and sound advice.

HOBART Global Marine is part of the ITW Food Equipment Group and is specialised in engineering and manufacturing high-quality warewash systems, waste technology, food preparation and cooking equipment for commercial kitchens. HOBART Global Marine meets the specific requirements of the market and established a decentralised global service network providing customer oriented solutions as well as a marine specific product line fulfilling USPH standards.


Made in Germany

“Made in Germany“ has been synonymous with quality and reliability in the premium segment for a long time and still is today. A company can only maintain its hold on the market by keeping its promise to continually deliver high quality.

Still Made in USA

Solid equipment. Sound advice. Equally synonymous with quality and reliability and strengthened by a very long tradition of products that have well proven its longevity in various fields of application.

Wherever you are, HOBART is there

No other manufacturer can rival HOBART‘s close knit distribution and customer service network, which spans the globe. Proven and competent specialists are on hand with advice and planning, and trained engineers will keep your operation running.

Local offices guarantee availability of spare parts and customer support around the clock. The HOBART name stands for top quality products and exemplary customer service.

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Considering the key times for handwashing like for preparing food, before eating or after touching surfaces that may be frequently touched by other people, it appears that the current availability and capacity of handwash opportunities onboard cruise ships have become not sufficient to follow the recommendations when to wash the hands. But HOBART is providing a solution for the less available handwash opportunities for e.g. before boarding or re-entering the vessel after shore excursions. As the system is moveable, it can be positioned outside or inside the ship at locations where handwashing is not supported today (e.g. in front of restaurants, theater, casinos, shops, etc.).

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Award winning

HOBART’s milestone achievements over the past decade include the launch of the innovative line of PREMAX dishwashers, for which the company holds more than 100 patents.

For the introduction of the PREMAX line, HOBART has won numerous national and international prizes. Among these, HOBART was awarded the Seatrade Insider Cruise Award in the category “Food & Beverage / Hotel Organisation” of the cruise shipping industry.    


HOBART is the global supplier for economical, application-engineered warewash systems. With our innovative system solutions, technologies and services, the brand stands for lasting customer benefit, reliability and the best product on the market.


Saving fresh water and chemicals is the driver for a cost effective operation and conscious management of the scullery operation – which may not be the most but surely not the least important in your galley operation.

The return is immanent when innovation is applied in the design or possibly retrofitted in your state-of-the-art HOBART dishwasher.

HOBART can prove it!

Best wash result

A must in dishwashing operation and your statement to the guest – perfectly clean wash ware. Numerous unique design features and a development based on experience, knowhow and innovative engineering will deliver and guarantee the best results.

Customer oriented

Listening to the customer‘s needs is a top priority in HOBART‘s approach to the design and supply of perfect solutions and equipment for the right application. From a standard in our business to the focus of the specialised marine team – HOBART tries to listen first and then deliver.

Solid equipment. Sound advice. More than just a statement.

Highest reliability

Technical and operational reliability are mandatory requirements in functional specifications and built into the design. HOBART understands that when you are on your way our equipment must be doing its job – that is why you have a HOBART. This naturally also includes hygiene safety and reliability in the everyday operation – on every voyage and for many years to come in the life of your ship.

Easy handling

Simple one push button operation throughout the range makes it simple for any operator, on every unit, at any time.

Controls that communicate with the operator so that you are always in control of your process.

Guided fitting of accessories and coded components that just fit there, where they need to be and just where you want them. And easy handling saves time.

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Innovative, effective and efficient warewash solutions


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