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Global Marine

Waste treatment

The HOBART product line of food and wet waste processing and treatment systems comprises a wide and flexible line of systems and configurations that may be called unique in its wide range offered to the marine industry.

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Pulper systems

With more than 20 years of experience supplying pulper systems to the passenger vessel industry, HOBART also has a long list of references of vessels carrying passengers from 100 guests to over 4,500 passengers and crew onboard.

With over 50 large systems in operation HOBART is proving the substantial and considerable advantage of a continuous flow only offered by a pulper system - on a daily basis and at every service.

Vacuum systems

The standard vacuum system used onboard today will offer a large hopper which could be used in a semi-continues and bulk load operation.

Load and fill the hopper, push the button and discharge to the processing area. Fill and forget. Simple and easy.

Hybrid systems

In a combination of both worlds – pulper and vacuum – HOBART is offering classic, well proven and reliable pulpers which are connected to a classical and well proven vacuum conveying system to form the hybrid – the best practice solution for any application that is focused on decentralised macerating, minimum vacuum pipe size and at the same time allowing the operator to be in charge at his or any particular station.

For the operator – this system may help to avoid loss and breakage of cutlery and other valuable items that have the tendency to be lost in the process and day to day operations. For the installation – this system will considerably reduce space and weight requirements against classic pulper or vacuum systems because there is only one vacuum line and this is substantially smaller vs. a classic vacuum system used today.

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