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Promoting cooperation - creating the future:
In a close cooperation with professional associations we want to continue the reformation of the kitchen business, optimise processes and improve standards.


DEHOGA Bundesverband – German Hotel and Restaurant Association

The DEHOGA is subdivided into 17 country associations and two professional associations – Hotel Association Germany (IHA) and UNIPAS (Union of the tenants of motorway service units). Furthermore, professional organisations in the federal DEHOGA association represent the specific issues of their members.

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VdF – Trade planners association

The trade planners association (VdF) is the largest German trade association for planners of large kitchens, and represents their interests in virtually all sectors.

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FCSI – Food service Consultant Society International

Professional advice and planning in all sections of hotel business, restaurant business and large-scale catering.

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GGKA – professional association for gastronomy and large kitchen equipment

The professional association GGKA is the trade-political and professional interest group of the specialised trade for gastronomy and large kitchen equipment. Its aims are the promotion of the professional GGKA trade and implementation of the equality of opportunity for the GGKA professional units.

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Hygiene-Netzwerk GmbH & Co. KG

Hygiene-Netzwerk is a fusion of companies who work in the hygiene section and offer hygiene services, hygiene training, hygiene certifications, and hygiene products throughout Germany.

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HGK – Hotel and gastronomy purchasing

HGK is the market-leading purchasing cooperative for the hotel and restaurant business, who informs of efficient purchase bundling and of favourite conditions in the fields food, non-food, investments and services.

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ZVEI - central association for electrical engineering and electrical industry / specialist department for professional warewashing

ZVEI represents the common economical, technological and environmental interests of the electrical industry and the associated service providers. In 2014, ZVEI founded the specialist department for commercial warewashing.

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AK GGS – working group for professional dishwashing

The main goal of the AK GGS is the association-independent preparation and provision of information that is relevant to commercial warewashing.

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ICA – Institute of Culinary Art

The goal of the Institute of Culinary Art and its academy is counteracting the steadily increasing shortage of qualified personnel.

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AGÖ – working group of large Austrian kitchens

The AGÖ is a registered society who looks after all interests of community catering.

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WKO-IGÖ – interest group of Austrian equippers of large kitchens

The IGÖ is the association of leading large-kitchen equippers. The emphasis of IGÖ is on professional kitchen planning, training, education and supplementary education, trade fair politics and work on standards.

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State association of the food-quality controllers in Baden-Wuerttemberg

The association has the task of merging the food-quality controllers of the individual offices in Baden-Wuerttemberg.

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KVD after-service association Germany

Throughout Europe, the KVD is the largest professional association for service managers, service experts and trainees in the customer service for different branches.

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