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Bistro & Cafe

You're the boss!

You operate a small bistro and are responsible for ... everything. So that everything runs according to plan, you need the support of technology that is reliable and easy to operate. In addition, your employees – even your temporary help – won't run into any problems using it. No complicated training involved. It doesn't get any easier than that.

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Cappuccino or cocktail, baked Camembert or pan-fried calamari –  everything on your menu is complemented by brilliantly clean glasses, flatware and chinaware. And you can get this perfection at astonishingly low operating costs.

Trust the Best!

Rely on HOBART competence!

  • Sparkling wash result
  • Easy handling
  • Best reliability
Topseller Warewashing


The silent reliable helper: Your combi steamer is at your side 24/7. Croissants for breakfast, apple pie at tea time, pizza or roast beef for dinner – the stored programmes guarantee perfect results at all times.

Trust the Best!

Rely on HOBART competence!

  • Easy handling
  • Best reliability
  • Quick cleaning
Topseller Cooking

Food preparation

Indispensable on the ice-cream sundae, the perfect complement for the strawberry tarte: a soft mound of creme chantilly. Have it ready in a jiffy with the low-noise air whip. Also the cake dough will be ready for the oven in a matter of minutes with the HOBART planetary mixer.

Trust the Best!

Rely on HOBART competence!

  • Efficient
  • Robust
  • Reliable
Topseller Food preparation