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Nursing home

You should spend as little time in the kitchen as possible!

People who come here seek recovery, encouragement and the feeling of being cared for. Meals that provide a zest for life and pure enjoyment certainly help. That is not an easy task – especially if residents have various needs and requirements.

We will assist you and provide you with technology you can count on, whether in the main kitchen or in the ward kitchen.

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Whether catering for senior citizens or cooking in the ward kitchen - perfectly hygienic results are a precondition for this sector. No problem: HOBART has the quick, reliable solution for your problems.

Trust the Best!

Rely on HOBART competence!

  • Best wash result
  • Highest economy
  • Best reliability
  • Easy handling



During the development of the new dishwasher, our experts have accompanied people in their environment and know what is important.
The new generation of dishwashers incorporates both: the know-how of the world market leader in commercial dishwashing technology and the knowledge of the special requirements that care and housekeeping staff, but also residents in the residential area of care facilities, have of a dishwasher.

We take care!

Here you will find further interesting information on this topic:

Challenges for the dishwasher in the living area
Hygiene of dishwashers in nursing homes

Topseller Warewashing


Thanks to the installed cooking programmes, using the modern HOBART cookers is extra-easy. You don't have to be a qualified chef to get perfect results. Also semi-skilled staff working weekends, holidays and early shift will deliver good meals – at all times.

Trust the Best!

Rely on HOBART competence!

  • Simple handling
  • Best reliability
  • High economy
  • Quick cleaning
Topseller Cooking

Food preparation

Many older people cannot enjoy their food unless it is finely puréed. If the kitchen is equipped with the appropriate machines, this is no big deal, for example with the multi-faceted mixer, which can liquidise, emulsify and mix food products.

Trust the Best!

Rely on HOBART competence!

  • Simple handling
  • Best reliability
  • High economy
  • Quick cleaning
Topseller Food preparation

Waste technology

Food residues should be disposed of right where they occur. Whether in production, in the prepping kitchen or the scullery – HOBART has the perfect solution. Economical, hygienic, and easy to operate.

Trust the Best!

Rely on HOBART competence!

  • Hygiene
  • Easy
  • Economic