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HOBART SmartConnect

Get connected!

Now available for free in your App Store and Play Store or as a web version: the new HOBART SmartConnect app! 

Discover the benefits of the digital kitchen and use SmartConnect to take your kitchen equipment into the future. 

Work smart, not hard! 

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One app for everything

SmartConnect will enable you to manage not only your warewashing technology, but also your entire HOBART and ITW kitchen equipment – at one or several locations. 

HOBART SmartConnect gives you instant access to key information – anytime, anywhere. You are immediately notified of any problems so you can take the necessary steps. This prevents downtimes. The app is bidirectional, allowing you, for example, to set the timer or dose chemicals via your smartphone. 

Easy registration: download the HOBART SmartConnect app free of charge from the Android or iOS store, connect your devices via WiFi and use the app free of charge for five years. 

Download it now

Machine status

Get a quick overview of the statuses of all your machines. Get all the information you need via the app – wherever you are. Your dishwasher can inform you when the next service or maintenance is due, or when detergent is running low. 

If, during a self-check, the machine detects that a repair is required, contact with a service partner is quick and easy. 

  • Information on the machine type
  • Detergent dosage
  • Rinse aid dosing
  • Programme settings with stored temperatures

Machine operation

You can see in an instant whether your dishwasher was used effectively, or whether standby times were too long compared to purging times. 

An easy-to-read diagram shows when the machine has been ready for operation and when wash programmes have been running. 

Hygiene information 

Hygiene is vital when using dishwashers. SmartConnect provides assistance here.

  • Hygiene check for your machine 
  • Machine hygiene report (HACCP compliant) 
  • Easy download (PDF) of the hygiene report/logbook 

Operating costs calculator

The HOBART app calculates your dishwasher's consumption and operating costs simply and comprehensibly. It shows individual consumption as well as operating costs for: 

  • Water
  • Rinse aid
  • Detergent
  • Energy

Costs can be viewed per day as well as for any required period.

Event history

All error messages and warnings are listed chronologically in the event log. You can view previous logs at any time and have full documentation for your hygiene report. 

Information can also be shown graphically as well as in a chronological list. Any reporting period can be chosen.

Error codes / Service 

SmartConnect not only displays error messages and sends out warning messages in real time, but also provides illustrated solutions and the option of contacting HOBART support directly in the event of a malfunction. This can be by email, contact form or phone. Problems then get resolved in the quickest way possible and machine downtimes are avoided.


Set the Timer
Would you like your dishwashers to start at a certain time in the morning, automatically fill and heat up before you get to work? No problem with the app's Timer function.

Chemical Settings
You can set the chemical dosage with just one click via the SmartConnect app. 

Download it now!

Get the free SmartConnect app now and connect your dishwasher.