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Airline Catering

High above the clouds - but still down-to-earth

The catering of thousands of airline passengers is an organisational masterpiece. From the preparation and cooking to the transport and cleaning, everything must be completed on time and must meet the highest hygienic requirements. This is possible thanks to the highly professional kitchen and logistics systems. Here, nothing is left to chance. When it comes to technology, trust the experts at HOBART.

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HOBART Airline Catering

WE are an experienced, global team of airline catering equipment experts in sales, technology and service.

KNOW how to get it right for food equipment on board.

HOW to find the best solution by application and providing solid equipment and sound advice.

HOBART Airline Catering is specialised in engineering and manufacturing high-quality warewash systems, waste technology, food preparation and cooking equipment.

In the airline catering sector we collaborate with ELRO Werke AG, the recognised manufacturer of cooking equipment from Switzerland. Both strong brands are part of the ITW Food Equipment Group, which facilitates our ability to offer one-of-a-kind global support and a wide product portfolio with a single face to the customer for sales activities, while continuing to support project management, after sales and service within our own structures.

Solid equipment - Sound advice

Airline catering is demanding - particularly when it comes to warewashing. Thousands of rotables, including glassware, cutlery, tray sets and carts have to be cleaned quickly and efficiently. After all, you can't keep the plane waiting just because the carts aren't cleaned and the cutlery isn't ready. HOBART offers customised solutions meeting the specific demands and requirement of each facility. Many years of experience led to an incomparable reputation for HOBART among worlds major airline caterers.


Warewash solutions

Born out of the success of HOBART‘s expertise and innovation in flight-type dishwashing (semi- and fully-automatic systems) comes the flexibility and know-how to offer customised solutions adapted to the specific need of the individual customers. The options offered by HOBART are as unlimited as required. Whether it is a standard machine with semi-automatic components or a fully-automatic system with integrated automatic modules – HOBART designs parameters to perfectly suit the clients needs on site.

Consultation with HOBART project engineers at an early stage of the project ensures correct design, allocation of services and space as well as an optimised system. Cost to benefit ratios and project economies are determined in the planning stages of the entire concept and its integration into the total operational flow.


Wherever you are, HOBART is there

No other manufacturer can compete with HOBART‘s vast distribution and customer service network, which spans the globe. Proven and competent specialists are on hand with advice and planning whereas;  and trained engineers will keep your operation running. Local agents guarantee availability of spare parts and customer support around the clock.

Experienced experts

We are a dedicated team of experts, in project management, design, mechanical-, hard- and software-engineering, who apply their vast experience to every single machine or project.

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Each system is customised, state of the art and designed by HOBART project engineers to the exact specifications required by the client – from the planning stages to the operational implementation.


HOBART uses proven technology. Due to the experience gained throughout decades of manufacturing dishwashing machines, all components are well balanced and secure a high reliability and a minimised down time.

All dishwashing machines are completely made of stainless steel components promising a long durability.


The focus on the cost drivers is the essential key in optimising the operating costs of a machine. As a leading specialist within its field, HOBART is constantly developing and releasing innovative solutions to increase efficiency by reducing the needed energy, water and detergent. Since labor costs are one of the primary cost drivers in the airline catering industry HOBART therefore provides individual and optimised workflow concepts.

Providing warewash equipment that fits the particular workflow and logistical environment is a main strength of HOBART. Part of this is the development of economical airline catering solutions with a focus on equipment that integrates seamlessly in a lean production process.

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