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Hobart 2017


Why not looking at the world from below for a change? Sometimes, leaving one's habits and maybe even one's comfort zone behind brings completely new insights. You see new images or rediscover well-known objects in a new perspective, creating new impressions, new ideas. Our artist Bernadette Göppert shows a common "wild carrot". Photographed from an unfamiliar perspective, it suddenly appears to be a piece of art. We all should take unfamiliar steps every now and then, occasionally try out uncomfortable viewpoints, to broaden our horizon and identify new chances. Let's think outside of the box!

This is what we do at HOBART's when researching new warewashing technologies. Again and again,we take new and sometimes unconventional paths to make our products even more innovative, economical and ecological. And just as the blossom of the "wild carrot" is made up of a multitude of tiny fl owers which combine to form an entity, every single HOBART employee contributes his or her part to make our vision come true: "wash without water".


born in 1959, resident of Hofweier near Offenburg.

Bernadette Göppert takes most of her photographs with her analogue camera, an Eos 300. Since 2006, she roams her home country to capture the beauty of nature in all its facets and blazes of colour on fi lm. She especially loves the world of plants with its wild flowers and herbs.

Since she makes one copy only of all her pictures, every photograph is unique.