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Save smart with HOBART hood-type dishwashers

Energy costs are rising. Right now, nobody can say how they will develop in the future. Experts agree on one thing though: for now, costs are staying high for water, chemical products and especially for electricity. It is a relief that technology is moving forward. These days, we can use innovative technology to reduce electricity, water and chemical consumption while still washing hygienically.

Replacing an old machine with new, energy-efficient technology can reduce your operating costs. It is worth taking a close look at an operating cost analysis.

Reducing operating costs

Case study: hood-type dishwasher


Model input data for the analysis:

Energy price: 0.25 €/kWh
Water price: 4 €/m3
Price of chemical products: 4 €/kg (detergent & rinse aid)
Operating hours: 4h/day 
Operating days: 330 days/year

We would be happy to calculate your personal cost-saving potential. To do so, please fill in the following form:

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We put a lot of technological innovations in our dishwashers to reduce operating costs:

The smart way to save energy

If you don't lose the exhaust heat, you don't have to
recover the energy.

Thanks to the all around sealed hood, the hot waste steam - and consequently the energy - remains in the system. An additional exhaust heat recovery system is not necessary. This clever design of the sealed hoods is standard at all HOBART hood-type machines - without additional charges.

Your result
Energy can be saved easily without any additional investment. The climate in the wash up area will improve noticeable as well.

Sophisticated use of waste water

The energy of the 60 °C hot waste water is used to heat up fresh water.

And this is how it works: the drain heat recovery option directs the hot waste water along the fresh inflowing water. This heats the fresh water to 40 °C before it reaches its required final rinse temperature in the boiler.

Depending on the model:

  • Saves up to 3,630 kWh per year.
  • Outlay cost is recouped as early as the 2nd year.



Although thorough manual pre-washing takes time, it is unavoidable with conventional machines. This step is obsolete with the revolutionary PERMANENT-CLEAN automatic soil removal – you can put plates directly into the rack without any pre-washing.

BECAUSE: All food residues are immediately pumped out of the machine through the new filter system. This saves operating costs and protects the rinsing system and the environment.


Save up to 680 Euro each year of the costs for water, energy and chemicals. How? Dead easy!

Filtering the food residues prevents fine and coarse dirt from getting into the dishwasher where they can contaminate the wash solution. Consequently, the wash tank needs not continually be emptied and filled with fresh water.

Instead, the machine re-generates automatically if necessary. Changing the water during a wash process is thus no longer necessary.


Fast and still economic: Low water consumption and short programmes are important factors to reduce costs and save time. The intelligent HOBART PREMAX models therefore use steam, which gives you unbeatable benefits:

  • Best results are achieved with up to 1.4 l fresh water in rinsing
  • This reduces the water and detergent consumption by up to 44 %


Higher wash temperatures reduce programme duration

  • With the PREMAX hood-type dishwashers, the shortest programme takes only 55 seconds.
Looking for more?
Find further technological innovations to save smart right here:
Additional features


Start saving energy now.
With just a few extra considerations you can save resources in your kitchen instantly!

Our 10 ways to start saving now.
Our HOBART dishwashing and cooking equipment experts will be happy to advise you on how to implement them.

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