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COOKING AWARD 2021: Flight-type dishwasher from HOBART wins next award

Offenburg, Germany – After winning the "Solution of the Year" and Star Award, HOBART has now received its third prize in 2021, the COOKING AWARD for its FTPi flight-type dishwasher. HOBART's newly developed CLIMATE-PLUS energy saving system, which significantly reduces energy consumption during warewashing, was again a key factor in winning the gold medal in the warewashing technology category.

The readers' prizes are presented by the trade magazine COOKING + CATERING INSIDE, which awards bronze, silver and gold rankings in 23 different product groups. In a nationwide survey, users vote for their favourite newly launched convenience and kitchen equipment and decide who gets to take the gold, silver or bronze awards.

Flight-type dishwashers significantly reduce energy wastage
HOBART's newly developed CLIMATE-PLUS energy saving system consists of a combination of drain heat recovery and state-of-the-art heat pump technology. In total, up to 70 per cent of the energy from the waste water and up to 100 per cent of the energy from the exhaust air is returned to the wash cycle. Valuable energy which in traditional systems is left unused. This considerably reduces energy consumption and operating costs while ensuring a constant exhaust air temperature of 17 °C. The hot waste water is passed through a heat exchanger unit, where the incoming fresh supply water is heated by the waste water using the counterflow principle. At the same time, the energy from the hot exhaust air is also fed back into the wash cycle.

The new detergent saving system is easy on the purse, too
A reduced chemical consumption also lowers operating costs. When further developing its flight-type dishwashers, the Offenburg supplier of commercial warewashing equipment also conceived the LOW-CHEM INTENSIVE detergent saving system, which significantly reduces the detergent consumption and provides for optimum wash water.

To this end, a sensor in the wash tank continuously checks the quality of the wash water and regenerates it as necessary. Depending on the extent of soiling, water from the rinse is briefly fed into the main wash tank as required. The chemical dosing is adjusted to the tank regeneration.

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