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HOBART creates a new washing concept for reusable cups

Offenburg – Single-use products like polystyrene takeaway cups will soon be a thing of the past. According to an ordinance issued by the German Federal Government, the sale of certain disposable products will be banned in Germany from summer 2021 to help protect the environment. Washable plastic cups, on the other hand, are very trendy at the moment. The wash ware technology manufacturer HOBART is expanding its washing concept for reusable cups with a new cup washing rack used in combination with the PREMAX undercounter dishwashers GP/FP and its unique TOP-DRY drying system.

HOBART designed the new rack system, which enables 25 cups to be washed at the same time, in a way that ensures that lightweight reusable cups remain in position during the washing process. Another component in the successful concept is the new HLP-7000 rinse aid for plastic; its unique recipe provides a significant boost to the drying process.

After all, in addition to the perfect wash result, outstanding drying results are essential for preventing any residual moisture that may cause mould to form when stacking and storing the cups. This is where the TOP-DRY drying system comes in, a feature that is built into GP/FP undercounter dishwashers. At the end of the washing process, it converts the humid air using a hydro-thermal energy storage system and feeds it back into the wash chamber as hot drying air. This prevents the moisture from collecting on the reusable cups and ensures that they can be stacked immediately after washing without any risk of mould formation.

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