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HOBART receives "sustainability award" by "DEUTSCHLAND TEST"

Offenburg – HOBART GmbH is among Germany’s top companies with respect to sustainability. This was confirmed recently by the "sustainability award" presented by "DEUTSCHLAND TEST". A survey was conducted to this end on behalf of the Focus Money magazine. It examined German companies and brands regarding their ecological, economic and social sustainability. The global market leader in commercial warewashing technology ranked high with 89.7 points.

“Sustainability and using resources economically are important social issues which also play a role in wash up areas. With our innovations, we at HOBART are making warewashing as economical as possible by using as little water and as few chemicals as possible, and with much of the energy being fed back into the system. Sustainability is also a key priority within the company - for example in procurement or construction projects,” says Manfred Kohler, Vice President Sales and Manufacturing at HOBART GmbH.

About the survey
The “sustainability award" survey was conducted by the IMWF institute for management and economic research on behalf of Focus Money and used social listening analysis to examine the online reputation of 24,000 companies and brands in Germany regarding their ecological, economic and social sustainability. This involved analysing 41 million votes for the companies and brands between 1 March 2020 and 28 February 2021. The "sustainability award" was presented to companies and brands that achieved at least 60 points in the overall rankings. A total of around 1,200 companies and brands from numerous sectors achieved this score.

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