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HOBART simplifies the washing process for refillable bottles

Offenburg – Sustainability and environmental protection are key social issues and are also omnipresent within the hospitality and hotel industries. In an effort to prevent plastic waste, restaurants and hotels are increasingly turning towards refillable bottles, which offer advantages from an ecological perspective but also present a unique set of challenges when it comes to washing. With its new bottle washing system, the warewashing technology manufacturer HOBART is launching a new solution that guarantees the highest level of hygiene in line with DIN SPEC 10534 and can be used in HOBART’s generation of undercounter dishwashers without any retrofitting work required.

When it comes to refillable bottles, the wash result is what matters most. Given the various bottle shapes available and the high neck found in some designs, it is important that the water jet reaches every point inside the bottle. For this reason, the new bottle washing system, which can be deployed on an individual basis, is equipped with funnel-shaped spray nozzles that squirt the water directly inside the bottle.

Maximum flexibility guaranteed
In addition to hygiene, the bottle washing system’s flexibility offers a further benefit. In just a single step and without the need for any tools, HOBART undercounter dishwashers can be modified by simply replacing the standard wash arm and rinse system with the spray attachment. This allows operators to use just one machine to wash both dishes and bottles.

The new bottle rack has space for 12 bottles and is suitable for a wide array of sizes, from drinks bottles to lab bottles. An additional wire attachment ensures that even bottles with a small diameter will stay in the correct position.

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