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HOBART FTPi flight-type dishwasher receives Star Award in Gold

Markus Bau (Director Food Service) was happy to receive the award.

Offenburg, Germany – Awarded gold in the 2021 Star Awards, HOBART’s FTPi flight-type dishwasher is one of the best products in the hotel industry. The prize, which is awarded by industry magazine Tophotel and voted for by readers, recognises the most innovative products and services in the hotel supply industry. And the flight-type dishwasher from leading innovator HOBART made it to the top in the "Economy" category, particularly due to its newly developed energy-saving system CLIMATE-PLUS.

What's special about it? CLIMATE-PLUS consists of a combination of a drain heat recovery and modern heat pump technology, which enables up to 70 per cent of the energy from the waste water and up to 100 per cent of the energy from the exhaust air to be returned to the wash cycle. Valuable energy which in traditional systems is left unused. This considerably reduces energy consumption and operating costs while ensuring a constant exhaust air temperature of 17 °C. The hot waste water is passed through a heat exchanger unit, where the incoming fresh supply water is heated by the waste water using the counterflow principle. At the same time, the energy from the hot exhaust air is also fed back into the wash cycle.

The Star Award
Earlier this year, around 2,000 Tophotel readers participated in the online survey, submitting their product ratings. A total of 33 nominated products divided into twelve categories – including process optimisation, economy, functionality and equipment – were presented to the hotel magazine readers and and in the associated online portal.

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