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HOBART presents new rack-type dishwasher PROFI CS

Offenburg, Germany – Compact, but big all the same. The new PROFI CS is the smallest model of rack-type dishwashers made by HOBART, yet it boasts a number of new features to make sure it is chock full of useful technology. The space-saving machine comes in three sizes and is ideal for catering facilities where a hood-type dishwasher is no longer sufficient. The PROFI CS washes a maximum of 200 racks an hour and requires only about 1 litre of water per rack to achieve a spotless wash result. The new rack-type dishwasher will be available starting 1 February 2021.

One of the new features is the control panel, which is clearly organised to ensure simple and intuitive operation of the rack-type dishwasher. The transport speed is adjusted via the new ECOTRONIC control which has three different selection options. A temperature display is also included as standard.

High level of economy
Lower your costs – Increase your efficiency – Protect the environment: thanks to its CLIMATE energy-saving system, the PROFI CS not only avoids energy losses but also reduces operating costs for the user. Here, the energy of the warm exhaust air is continually returned into the machine via a heat recovery system. Savings of up to 7 kW/h are possible in this manner. This also has the advantage that, aside from the lower operating costs and the minimisation of energy losses, no direct connection to the ventilation and air conditioning system is necessary for the exhaust air.

All machine data at a glance: HOBART’s WASHSMART app
With HOBART’s WASHSMART app, the user is able to obtain a full overview of the current status of their dishwasher. This includes, for example, advance notification of pending maintenance intervals. Such data helps to prevent downtimes. Moreover, WASHSMART provides illustrated instructions for minor faults, which enable users to rectify them on their own.

Please find further information on the new PROFI CS rack-type dishwasher here

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