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Sustainability on Events: HOBART introduces OECO Project in Paris

The culture and event park "La Villette" in Paris is a spacious green area with a colorful program. In order to be able to offer guests drinks at concerts and theater performances in the most sustainable way possible, the project OECO was founded here: Former unemployed people transport the reusable cups with cargo bikes from the event locations to the central dishwashing area and back, where they are cleaned with a PROFI CN rack type dishwasher and special cup washing racks.

The machine is ideal for rinsing plastic containers because it can handle large quantities in a short time and the latest-generation blower technology and special nozzle ensures that the cups are completely dry and can be stacked immediately after they have been removed from the machine. With the PROFI CN, the OECO team washes easily and hygienically - true to the HOBART motto #worksmartnothard.

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