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INTERNORGA 2023: Wash smart and cook clever with HOBART

Offenburg, 10 February 2023 – After a long time without trade shows due to the pandemic, the HOBART team is looking forward to the Internorga 2023 with great anticipation. At the exhibition from 10–14 March, the Offenburg based company will be displaying new products and clever solutions for kitchen areas in hospitality and foodservice. Cooking is also part of the fair: both dishwashing and cooking technology from HOBART can be seen at the booth. HOBART's Internorga exhibition booth (hall B7 stand 208) will emphasise three topics:

  • Saving energy with smart technology

Energy and operation costs are rising, and the hospitality sector is feeling the pinch. With the the #smartsavings campaign, HOBART is helping customers to combat the growing costs for power, gas and water with practical, easy-to-implement solutions to that save real money with every wash cycle. All HOBART machines are designed to keep their resource consumption to a minimum. The manufacturer is the world leader in smart dishwashing technology, integrating several energy-saving features into their machines – for example the fully enclosed 4-sided hood, the waste water heat recovery system, the 50PERCENT fresh water rinse, the CLIMATE-PLUS energy saving system and many more. Take a look at the campaign page ( to see which innovations in conveyor dishwashers, hood-type dishwashers and undercounter machines from Offenburg ensure particularly economical dishwashing

  • Washing and drying reusables can be easy!

As of 1 January 2023, hospitality businesses in Germany are now required to offer a reusable dish ware option. Many restaurants must now offer washable plastic cups and dishes or refillable bottles for their take-away menus. But washing reusable containers can be a challenge. The experts at HOBART know what it takes to deliver guaranteed hygiene and they have developed the right dishwashing and drying solutions for every need. To get the best results, the machine, rack system and chemical products must be perfectly matched.
HOBART provides dishwashing technology and accessories for a huge range of reusable containers. From the small undercounter dishwasher to the extensive conveyor dishwashing system, whether with integrated or external drying systems – the world leaders in commercial warewashing know the score on reusable containers and are here to support restaurateurs with expertise and action. HOBART will be demonstrating the PREMAX GP/FP undercounter dishwasher with integrated TOP-DRY drying at Internorga. In combination with the appropriate cleaning chemicals and the plastic rinse aid HYLINE HLP-7010, this machine delivers perfect cleaning and drying results for a range of reusable containers. Rack systems like the cup washing rack and the bottle washing system are available as well.
More about reusables at:

  • New addition to the cooking portfolio

The new multifunctional device Precipan by HOBART delivers efficient, fast and precise cooking results in commercial kitchens. It is available with 100 or 150 l capacity and and boils, roasts and fries even vast quantities of food to perfection, thanks to the extra-thick high-performance pan base. It can even be used for pressure cooking. The Precipan can therefore replace several kitchen appliances and take some load off the kitchen staff.
The appliance uses the same control panel as the HOBART COMBI-plus, so users of HOBART cooking technology will find it extra easy to operate. Further benefits to this versatile machine include extremely quick heating and very even heat distribution. Visit the HOBART booth for four live cooking demonstrations each day with the Precipan, the HOBART COMBI-plus combi steamer and the GTP high-pressure steam cooker.

All in one place
"We are thrilled that Internorga is once again able to take place with no restrictions and we can present our new products to a large audience in Hamburg," says Markus Bau, Director Food Service at HOBART. "This year, both our dishwashing and cooking technology can be found at one large booth in hall B7. That's new for us."

The world leader in commercial warewashing will be presenting many more products:

TWO-LEVEL-WASHER – Double makes sense
This innovative dishwasher has a second wash chamber for simultaneous dish washing. This means that two levels are available for twice as much washing volume or for different types of washware. The compact design means that the TLW offers all this space while taking up no more kitchen space than a standard dishwasher.

Warewashing solutions for bakeries
HOBART's UX series utensil washers help bakeries to wash their baskets and equipment quickly and economically. Three different models will be on display at the Internorga booth.

ecomax by HOBART
HOBART's entry-level brand ecomax offers reliable dishwashing and cooking technology at great value for money. A variety of models will be on display at Internorga.

Booth information: 
Hall B7 / Stand 208

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