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Precipan: New addition to HOBART cooking portfolio

Precipan guarantees consistently perfect cooking results and makes many conventional kitchen appliances superfluous

The new multifunctional braising pan Precipan from HOBART ensures highly efficient and very fast preparation of various dishes in the professional kitchen. With a capacity of 100 or 150 litres and an extra-thick high-performance pan base, Precipan cooks, fries and braises even the largest quantities of food with absolute precision. The new all-rounder replaces various kitchen appliances and makes work much easier for the kitchen staff.

Offenburg, March 15, 2023 – A device that not only prepares large quantities of food quickly and to the point, but is also easy to operate - that's what every kitchen professional wants. These wishes do come true with the new HOBART Precipan.

The all-rounder
The multifunctional braising pan Precipan makes many conventional kitchen appliances superfluous. Boiling, frying, deep-frying or pressure cooking - Precipan performs all these and other tasks in just one appliance. Whether 50 or 500 servings - with this all-rounder, everything is done right on point. Precipan also excels at searing: Thanks to the 15 mm thick high-performance pan base, it can also cook large quantities of meat or vegetables evenly - if necessary, in up to three separate cooking zones at different temperatures.

Speed and precision, even for 500 servings
With the push of a button, the cooking process starts within three seconds. Precipan scores with extremely fast heat-up and very even heat distribution. The result is always consistently perfect. Thanks to the heat-conducting special alloy and high-performance heating elements, the various cooking zones can be controlled to the exact degree, even at low temperatures. This ensures up to 15 % less product losses.

The high-performance pan base with a thick insulation layer optimally stores heat, so that only little energy is needed to keep food warm. Thanks to the robust stainless steel surface, there is no sticking or burning of the food, which makes cleaning extremely easy.

Pressure cooking and other features
The optional pressure cooking function further increases the efficiency and quality of Precipan. Pressure shortens cooking times by up to 35 % compared to conventional cooking methods - while preserving maximum colour, vitamins and nutrients. The integrated automatic lifting and lowering system ensures that products are cooked or deep-fried to the exact second. Food is automatically lowered and lifted out of the cooking medium when it’s done. With this feature, any pasta becomes "al dente" effortlessly, and french fries get just the right golden brown colour.

Simple operation
Precipan is characterized by an intuitive, easy-to-understand operating concept, so that anyone can handle it effortlessly. The device has the same colour display with image control and FastPad2 control wheel like the HOBART COMBI-plus. This ensures clarity and easy handling.

Many functions run fully automatically with little operating effort. 76 pre-installed programmes are available, and a further 130 can be individually programmed. The fully automatic water metering system fills the required amount of cold or hot water to the exact litre. Filling is also very fast: 10 litres in less than a minute.

Little cleaning effort
Precipan has a guided programme for manual cleaning that specifies the amount of water and cleaner to be used. The integrated spray gun with automatic return supports quick cleaning or is a practical aid when quenching cooked food. Only 10 litres of fresh water are needed for a complete. The unit has a circumferential gutter that drains up to 90 % of the wash water in a controlled manner: there is no risk of water infiltration or leaking on the floor.

Ergonomic design
The design of the Precipan also ensures particularly ergonomic loading, unloading and cleaning of the unit. The electric tilt function makes the filling of liquid food and cleaning very easy. The integrated pan drain is connected directly to the waste water system so that liquids such as cooking water can be disposed of quickly. The lid can be opened or closed with minimal effort within two seconds - eliminating the need for tedious waiting compared to electric systems. The mobile installation of Precipan on castors is particularly interesting for catering companies: the unit can always be moved exactly where it is needed.

"With the new Precipan, we offer an appliance for horizontal cooking in our product portfolio. This all-rounder is an optimal addition to our cooking range, where we already offer the GTP high pressure steam cooker as well as our COMBI steamers in various sizes and designs," explains Markus Bau, Director Food Service.

Available models
100 L capacity; up to 2 separate cooking zones

150 L capacity; up to 3 separate cooking zones

100 L capacity; up to 2 separate cooking zones and high power for an even faster food preparation

150 L capacity; up to 3 separate cooking zones and high power for an even faster food preparation

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