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New DIN EN 17735 standard for a hygienic warewash result

Offenburg, 21 April 2023 – The German Institute for Standardisation (DIN) has published the new European hygiene standard DIN EN 17735. The standard replaces DIN SPEC 10534 as of February 2023 and partially replaces DIN 10510, 10511 and 10512. 

Perfect hygiene in the hospitality and food service industry is uncompromising.

With the publication of the new EN standard, a new uniform European standard is now available, which is based on previous hygiene requirements and has incorporated much of DIN SPEC 10534. It defines various factors required to achieve the necessary hygienic wash result. This is not only based on individual parameters, such as contact time or temperature, but also on clearly defined microbiological requirements that HOBART reliably meets.

"HOBART has a history of researching and developing innovative wash processes and has repeatedly had its hygienic results confirmed by independent institutes", states Markus Bau, Sales Director Food Equipment. "This ensures our customers are always on the safe side".

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