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Total performance at HOST: HOBART showcases product diversity in Milan

Between 13–17 October, HOBART will present its range of warewashing and cooking appliances in Hall 5, Stand B23/C24 at HOST in Milan.

Offenburg, 4 September 2023 – HOST in Milan is one of the most important trade fairs for keeping in touch with partners and customers in Italy and other export markets. At its trade fair appearance between 13–17 October, HOBART will take advantage of the unique platform to showcase new products and clever solutions for hospitality and food service. In addition to warewashing products, various cooking appliances from HOBART will also be showcased at the booth – inspired by the motto “Total performance in your kitchen”.

New addition to the cooking portfolio
The new multifunctional device PRECIPAN by HOBART delivers efficient, fast and precise cooking results in commercial kitchens. PRECIPAN is available with 100 or 150 l capacity to boil, roast or fry even very large quantities of food to perfection, thanks to its extra-thick high-performance pan base. It can even be used for pressure cooking. The PRECIPAN can therefore replace several kitchen appliances and take some load off the kitchen staff. The appliance uses the same control panel as the HOBART COMBI-plus, so users of HOBART cooking technology will find it extra easy to operate. Further benefits to this versatile machine include extremely quick heating and very even heat distribution. Visit the HOBART booth for four live cooking demonstrations each day with the PRECIPAN, the HOBART COMBI-plus combi steamer and the GTP high-pressure steam cooker.

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Experience live cooking shows
Each day, the HOBART stand will host three live cooking shows per hour using all products.

Washing and drying reusables can be easy
As of 1 January 2023, hospitality businesses in Germany are now required to offer the option of reusable dish ware – with additional European countries set to follow suit. Many restaurants must now offer washable plastic cups and dishes or refillable bottles for their take-away menus. But washing reusable containers can be a challenge. The experts at HOBART know what it takes to deliver guaranteed hygiene and they have developed the right dishwashing and drying solutions for every need. To get the best results, the machine, rack system and chemicals must be perfectly matched.
HOBART provides dishwashing technology and accessories for a huge range of reusable containers. From the small undercounter dishwasher to the extensive conveyor dishwashing system, whether with integrated or external drying systems – the world leaders in commercial warewashing know the score on reusable containers and are here to support restaurateurs with expertise and action. During its live demos at HOST, HOBART will be presenting a direct comparison of the FX and FP undercounter dishwasher with integrated TOP-DRY drying. The external dryer for hood-type dishwashers will also be on display at the trade fair, along with other products in the portfolio, such as specially developed rack systems like the cup washing rack and bottle washing system.

Find out more about reusables at:

Another focal point during HOBART's appearance at HOST will be the new CP/CN rack transport machine, which has a new display and three new features for more economical and efficient rinsing than ever before:

  • LOW-CHEM INTENSIVE detergent saving system
  • LOW-FLOW rinse system
  • CLIMATE-PRO heat pump

The spotlight will also be on processing kitchen waste and food residues, with HOBART offering the ideal system in the form of the BIVATEC food waste management system.

With its trade show appearance, HOBART will not only demonstrate how products from Offenburg can deliver total performance in its customers' kitchens but also that they can prepare food, wash appliances and dispose of waste in a resource-friendly way.

  • HOST Milan - Hall 5, BOoth B23 / C24.
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