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New utensil washers equipped with new features

The new HOBART UP with side wash system are washing more sustainably.

The utensil washer HOBART UX and ecomax U704 come with a refresh: both get a new display and control interface. The new UX is available with the new VISIOTRONIC-TOUCH display in black and has a lower water consumption than the previous model.

You can find utensil washers in all professional kitchens, because they are very versatile. They make it easy to wash even the biggest equipment items like baskets or big baking trays and are therefore often used in bakeries and in the meat industry. Special features like the innovative side wash system are unique and make the HOBART utensil washers more efficient than comparable products.

Now the HOBART and ecomax utensil washers were equipped with new features: The new utensil washer is now available with the black HOBART display and single button control. Not only is the new display an eye-catcher, but it makes operating the machine even easier and more intuitive than before. Furthermore, the UX/UP utensil washers come with a WLAN-connection and the option to use the HOBART SmartConnect App. Last but not least, the new models are more sustainable than the previous one. They have lower water consumptions, so customers can save money on every wash cycle.

The ecomax utensil washer U704 (previously ecomax 702) presents with a new standardized ecomax control and interface.

Both new models will be available from April 1st, 2024 in all HOBART Export countries.

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