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COMBI-plus 101

  • Electrically or gas heated
  • 10 x 1/1 GN (space between 2 level 67 mm)
  • 7 cooking modes:
    • Convection from 0 to 250 °C
    • Saturated steam to 98 °C
    • Combinated from 30 to 250 °C (with humidity adjustable from 0 to 100 %)
    • Low temperature steam from 30 to 97 °C
    • High temperature steam from 99 to 105 °C
    • Regeneration
    • Delta T
  • 80 preloaded recipes as standard with the option to adjust the degree of cooking and the colouration. It is possible to create entirely personalised recipes. Displayed as text or as pictures via the library within the oven
  • Tracking software kit supplied with the oven. Transfer recipes and photographs via a computer. Interactive diagnostic screen
  • Humidifier, hold function and automatic rinse between two cooking cycles
  • Cool touch athermic double glazed clipped door, hinged to the left and a simple push closure, cavity illumination by a strip of LEDs in the door
  • Left hinged door, control panel on right side
  • For gas models: Stainless steel air burners with automatic spark ignition with ionisation flame control
  • Including 3-point core temperature sensor and USB-connection


Order number Description

COMBI-plus steamer, electrically heated, injection system


COMBI-plus steamer, gas heated, injection system

  • Uniformness of the cooking process:
    • Oscillating fan
    • Permeable separating grid between fan and cavity (for table models)
    • With efficient ventilator
  • Speed of the cooking process:
    • Efficient and fast steam production due to latest injection technology
    • Fast temperature transition due to an open grid
    • Rapid cooling of the cavity due to cool-down function
  • Efficient fully automatic cleaning system (optional):
    • Fully automatic, economic and fast
    • Programmes:
      • Level 1: 31 minutes
      • Level 2: 35 minutes
      • Level 3: 51 minutes
      • Optional drying: 4 minutes
      • Rinsing: 4 minutes
  • Crosswise loading enables an easy handling, a better overview and more safety
  • FastPAD: Touch control panel, clear, intuitive and ergonomic, graphical display with text and photos
  • AirControl: Continuous adjustment and oscillating fan
  • JetControl: Latest injection technology and rapid cooling of the cavity
  • CoreControl: Appropriate energy supply according to demand, set and actual display
  • TwinControl: Patented system doubling the essential oven functions

Technical data

Flow pressure 1.5 - 6 bar
Recommended water hardness 0 - 3 °dH
Total loading electro - standard (jet) 15.3 kW | 23 A
Total loading gas - standard (jet) 0.3 kW | 1.3 A
Noise level < 70 dB (A)

From 3° dH, we recommend an installation of a demineralisation HYDROLINE STEAM CD to prevent the combi steamer against lime scale.
The installation must be performed according to EN61770/EN1717. The back flow prevention type CA is part of the optional installation kit.


Order number Description

Right hinged door 061-101


Pluggable 1-point sous-vide temperature probe


Safety door lock


Additional runners 20 levels


Energy optimisation kit Connex


GN trolley 101 / upper part (67 mm)


Banqueting plate holder trolley (module) for 10 level GN 1/1


Banqueting roll in frame GN 1/1


Table for 10 level GN 1/1 banqueting or runner trolleys


Handshower kit, loose


Handshower rolling kit


Condensation Hood for 6 and 10 level GN 1/1


Thermal hood 101


GN Grid 1/1, set of 3


GN Grid 1/1, set of 5


Option 60 Hz


Installation kit COMBI 10 levels GN 1/1


Static stand with closed storage compartment and 5 slots for GN 1/1


Mobile base, with closed storage compartment and 5 slots for GN 1/1



Please visit our HOBART US website for further equipment


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