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305 GTP

  • High grade stainless steel cooking chamber
  • Simple to use control system for atmospheric (pressure less), half (0.5 bar) and full (1.0 bar) power pressure-cooking
  • Easy to clean cooking chamber
  • Cooking with dry steam ensures vegetables have exceptional colour and appearance
  • Rapid cooking cycles, typically between 1 and 3 minutes
  • Cooking by demand eliminates food wastage
  • The cooking process produces a high quality product retaining the entire natural vitamins and minerals
  • Quick start up
  • Thermally insulated steam generator and cooking chamber reduces heat loss and reduces energy consumption
  • Automatic pre-heat
  • The appliance automatically senses the initial cooking chamber temperature to ensure the product is ready for cooking
  • The door design ensures the cooking chamber can not be accessed during the cooking cycle
  • An optional stand is available with storage for gasto norm pans and routing for the water, electrical and drain services

Compact bench model with incorporated steam generator

  • for up to 650 portions/h
  • 1 cooking chamber for 3 x 1/1 GN pans each up to depth of max. 65 mm, 2 x 1/1 GN pans each up to depth of max. 100 mm, 1 x 1/1 GN pan up to depth of max. 200 mm
  • 3 pressure levels
    • pressureless: 50° - 99°C
    • 0.5 bar: appr. 110°C
    • 1 bar: appr. 120°C
  • Digital display for chamber pressure and temperature
  • Remaining time indication
  • Multi-Setting
  • Total loading can be reduced
  • Failure indication
  • Automatic defrost facility
  • Steam extractor in combination with incorporated condenser
  • Automatic booster drain facility after work end
  • Automatic self-cleaning programme of steam extractor after work end
  • Electronics prepared for use of core temperature probe
  • Contacts for connection to capacity optimisation device
  • HCPC system: HACCP data memory and connection via cable
  • (no GN pans included)


Order number Description

Pressure steam cooker 305 GTP

Technical data

Height 950 mm
Width 600 mm
Depth 700 mm
Total loading - Standard 27.2 kW | 38.7 A or 18.2 kW | 25.8 A
Supply capacity GN pans 1/1 GN - up to 200 mm

From 3° dH, we recommend an installation of a demineralisation HYDROLINE STEAM CD to prevent the pressure steam cooker against lime scale.


Order number Description

Cooker stand with floor plate and 4 inserts for 4 Gastronorm pans
Dimensions in mm: w x d x h = 600 x 700 x 860


Installation set for core temperature measuring incl. core temperature probe



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