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  • Potato peeler
  • Peels 30 - 33 pounds in 1 to 3 minutes
  • 3/4 H.P. motor with manual reset overloading protection
  • Ventilation within the peeler enclosure
  • Manual tumbler type switch, located on right side of discharge chute as standard
  • Synchronous 4-minute timer, adjustable for any increments from 1/2 minute up tp 4 minutes, with 15-second markings etched on a large timer dial
  • Multigrip, poly V-belt provides the direct speed reduction between motor and peeling disc
  • Stainless steel shaft is rigidly mounted on grease-packed ball bearings
  • Peeler unit as cylindrical construction, heliarcwelded stainless steel with abrasive permanently bonded on interior surface of peeling hopper
  • Quick-opening-removable aluminum hopper door and positive, cam-type pressure lock
  • Discharge chute is cast aluminium
  • Extremely lightweight fiberglass reinforced plastic disc
  • Disc can be easily and quickly removed for cleaning by removing the lightweight hopper cover
  • Two angle mounted wipers provide positive movement of waste into the outlet


Order number Description

Potato peeler 6430


Order number Description

Cabinet base & peel trap - stainless steel strainer



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