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Spiral mixer HSL


  • Fixed bowl
  • Stainless steel wireform bowl guard: interlock prevents operation when front portion of guard is out of position. For observing and easy adding of ingredients without stopping mixer
  • Dual 20 minute electronic timer control
  • Reversible bowl drive: great for incorporating ingredients and mixing small batches, gives you versatility and high production from a single unit, rides on ball bearings, eliminates extra bowl support and adds durability
  • Bowl jog control: makes it easy to unload, gives you quicker batch turnaround
  • Front and rear casters
  • Adjustable front stabilizing feet
  • Two speeds (100 / 200 rpm)
  • Aluminum cast cover
  • Steel body frame
  • Powder coat finish


Order number Description

Spiral mixer 180 lb
(80 kg dough capacity, 50 kg flour capacity, 142 litre bowl capacity)


Spiral mixer 220 lb
(100 kg dough capacity, 65 kg flour capacity, 157 litre bowl capacity)

Please note: other sizes up to 300 kg dough capcity are available on request



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