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FUX - Parts cleaning

In the tunnel cleaning system FUX parts cleaning you can remove oil, emulsion, or chips from the preceding production process from components, and dry the components afterwards. A conveyor belt moves the parts through the cleaning system where they are cleaned.

  • Completely made from stainless steel CrNi 1.4301
  • Heating optionally with electricity, hot water or steam
  • Heat and sound insulated machine
  • The modular system permits individual adjustment to the necessary project requirements
  • Very low operating costs as the result of many years of research and development work and a multitude of innovations
  • A high-performance drying and blowing zone is available to obtain the required degree of drying
  • Flexibility in the transport of the components on the conveyor belt or on specifically manufactured part carriers
  • Convenient cleaning and maintenance of the system due to high accessibility, mechanically encoded wash and rinse arms and curtains
  • PROTRONIC XL control
    • Innovative, intuitive control with touchscreen with clear text and symbols
    • Intuitive user interface
    • All important information and functions at a glance
  • Made in Germany

Technical data

Tunnel height 440 - 1,200 mm
Tunnel width 612 - 965 mm
Wash and rinse temperature 60 - 85 °C
Parts size Up to 900 x 900 mm
Defined particulate cleanliness 100 - 500 µm
Defined filmic cleanliness 32 - 44 mN/m
Wash ware Pressed, drawn and punched parts, aluminium die casting parts, machined parts
Contamination Various oils, emulsions, chips, dust
  • Micro-filtration
    Before the cleaning process, finest dirt particles are removed in a circuit filtration from the cleaning medium, so that the cleanliness and residual dirt requirements are fulfilled.
  • Osmosis system
    Minerals and salts are removed from the water to provide stainless cleaning results.
  • Water treatment
    The treatment of the cleaning medium leads to maximizing the bath service life and thus to reducing your operating costs. The type of treatment is adapted individually to the requirements on site.
  • Conveyor system
    If required, the cleaning system can be adapted to local upstream or downstream conveyor systems.
  • Bottom tray according to WHG
    The bottom tray is used to collect the cleaning medium in the event of a leak in the wash tank. It is offered as an option. The bottom trays satisfy the requirements of the German Water Resources Law (WHG).
  • Automation
    Depending on the requirements, individually adjusted automation solutions can be configured and offered.