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As innovation leader on the market of commercial warewashing, HOBART GmbH went even one step further and brought a worldwide unique washing organisation on the market that allows trays, cutlery and crockery to be washed parallely in a single flight-type dishwasher:

The patented and worldwide unique autoLINE dishwashing organising system makes it possible to wash trays and cutlery simultaneously with the other wash ware on a separate conveyor track, without increasing the footprint of the machine.

This innovative solution makes dishwashing faster while significantly increasing the machine capacity. For ease and comfort of operation, the trays are automatically fed in the entry section and stacked in the exit section of the machine.

A cutlery lifting magnet can be installed as an option ,as well, to save additional manual workload.

Possibilities for automation


Do you want to make your washing process even more efficient?

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