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  • Prevents salt and limescale stains on dishes, glassware and cutlery in areas where carbon hardness is high
  • Protects machine against limescale deposits
  • Optimises the effectiveness of detergents - the dosing rate can be reduced
  • Easy, tool-free exchange of cartridge
  • Inlet and outlet hoses need not be disconnected to change the cartridge
  • Designed for vertical or horizontal installation
  • Pressure vessel lid equipped with builtin back flow preventer according to DIN EN 1717
  • Does not require electrical supply
  • High capacity
  • Compact dimensions
  • For cold and warm water
  • Low investment cost
  • For partial demineralisation, the calcium and magnesium ions (water hardening ions) contained in the water are substituted with hydrogen ions
  • The sodium ion (table salt) concentration in the water is not increased in the process
  • Not recommended for operation with upstream water softening system
  • Not suitable for use in conjunction with dishwasher with integrated water softening system
  • The water filter system consists of a corrosion-proof pressure vessel containing the filter material


Order number Description

Partial Demineralisation / De-carbonisation
complete system incl. cartridge and housing

Technical data

Weight (gross / net) 24 / 18 kg
Maximum hardness 35 °dH*
Supply capacity continuously 13,000 l at 10°dH 5 l/min

*Attention: the bending radius of the inlet and outlet hoses is approx. 130 mm - depending on the installation orientation and operating space, this must be considered in addition to the dimensions of the complete system.
Optional 90° connection pieces (Order No. 895440-8) may help for tight installations.
Consider water pressure loss of 0,45 bar.


Order number Description

Replacement Cartridge


2,000 mm, 3/4‘‘, DN13, for fresh-water connection, reinforced with stainless steel, incl. cut-off valve


90° connection piece 3/4''
for more compact connection of hoses