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HOBart 1998

Water - source of life

"As moving water defeat the mighty stone you can understand that hardness is inferior."
(Berthold Brecht)

Water – source of life.

Strong, refreshing, indispensable, valuable. Concentrated energy. Although Earth is covered by oceans and lakes, rivers flowing through the continents like lifelines, every drop has to be looked after very carefully.

Especially here HOBART has been exemplary. With never failing ideas and engagements: Take logical steps instead of just talking! Believably done due to successful innovations and documented by environmental audit (Öko-Audit) and active management of environmental resources.   

Angelika Nain

Angelika Nain, born in 1956, studies of arts at the Free University of Graphic design and Art.

She has been working in a joint atelier at the “cultural forum” in Offenburg together with three other artists since 1996.

Angelika Nain has worked intensively with the topic “water“, and as a result a whole exhibition was created.