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Hobart 2018


MANY little "nighthawks", as the artist affectionately calls the wedge-shaped structures, are in motion, forming a calm and impressive picture despite being highly dynamic. Depending on the level of observation, they appear as a unit or as a number of independent structures. Different shapes and colours from grey-white to various shades of blue merge to form harmonic combinations.

"This is where I see parallels with HOBART", says Monika Johannisson, referring to her impressions of the employees, distributors, and customers of the Offenburg-based dishwasher manufacturer. "Each of them is an individual, but despite or because of this they are in harmony and cooperate successfully."


Retiree & artist

Monika Johannisson can look back to an eventful life. Born in Bottrop in 1942, her paintings to this day show impressions of her childhood in the post-war Ruhr area.

After learning the trade of a delicatessen sales assistant, she held a number of very different jobs: She worked in the fashion industry, in public transport, in various catering jobs, as an offset printer and a layout person.

She has lived in a number of towns and regions: Bottrop, Wetzlar, Berlin, the Rhön, Kitzingen, Extertal, Rottweil and Donaueschingen. Her paintings reflect different mentalities and landscapes. Monika Johannisson was married twice, has two sons and six grandchildren.

Monika Johannisson has been painting since 1997, primarily acrylic on canvas. She also uses ink, charcoal, various lacquer paints, paper and cardboard. Most of her work is very intricate, and some paintings take weeks and even months of work. Her tools include paintbrushes, knives, etching tools, strings, palette-knives, sponges.