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Capturing the 125-year success story of the HOBART company in one picture is not an easy task. Because the mixture of contrasting elements is what makes the success of the world market leader: a solid foundation based on many years of know-how and values on the one hand and dynamic, innovative and future-oriented actions on the other.

With the stylistic device of calligraphy, the artist was able to unite these opposites. The composition, kept in the HOBART colors red and blue, not only expresses the great inventive spirit, but also shows the liveliness that is hidden in the shape of the employees behind the brand name and betweenthe many letters.

With playful ease, the work symbolizes the dynamic development of today's world market leader HOBART over the course of three centuries.

Just as production statistics and sales figures are the tangible values of a company, the people and their actions are what really make a strong company. Their innovative spirit has driven the HOBART brand forward since it was founded in 1897.


Calligraphy - the art of beautiful writing – is the passion of the Hamburg-born artist Bärbel Schulz, who has lived near Heidelberg for almost 40 years.

She covers the entire spectrum of this art form – from classic to Chinese and Japanese to experimental calligraphy. Over many years, the trained orthoptist has learned from great calligraphy masters and refined her style in the process.

In addition to regular exhibitions and collaborations with other artists, Bärbel Schulz also accepts commissions from private individuals for special occasions; but also from companies who want to have something unique.

Bärbel Schulz is a member of the Swiss Calligraphic Society and the calligraphy ssociation Ars scribendi.