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HOBart 2005

The HOBART World

HOBART gave me the job of creating a work of art: “Paint how you see us".

When looking more closely I saw a company which has been very successful with its products for more than 100 years. A company always searching for a constant improvement in function – without losing sight of user’s benefit.

That’s why I had the idea of a painting reflecting HOBART’S worldwide activities. Because you will find HOBART machines in hotels as well as at airports and on ships, in football stadiums, bars and industrial companies from New York to Paris but also in Dubai, where saving water is essential and more important than oil.

Bernhard Siegle

Bernhard Siegle, a far-sighted creator to whom the spirit and entirety of his work is more than just manipulation and artistic romancing. He tries hard to create a visual language making processes and events visible.

Bernhard Siegle started as a decoration and fashion illustrator. From 1972 to 1976 he was a student of Prof. Funk/ Prof. Weidemann at the Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart. After taking his degree he worked for well-known agencies at home and abroad. This was a rich and productive time for him.

He now realized his varied intend of creation and designing, corporate design strategies and trademarks played an important role. Numerous awards in this field confirmed his success. In addition to graphic design Bernhard Siegle is a creative painter and draughtsman.

His paintings aren’t to be understood by the result of visual research. Just decorative paintings? No, they aren’t! – They are the result of abstract relation, complex reality – framed in sensory particularity. A metaphorical language with validity until tomorrow.